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Drag-and-drop elements on your personal MockOla canvas to quickly form architectures, diagrams, and designs.
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Free-Form Designs

Customize shapes, lines, text, and constructs to build any flow chart or free-form design.

User Interface Wireframes

Create templates for web, mobile, and tablet applications with standards UI constructs.

UML Diagrams

Design software systems using standard unified modeling language concepts, shapes, and object linking.

Core MockOla Features

Drag & drop items to your canvas

Choose any element and customize your look with simple drag-and-drop of your cursor on the canvas

Use any palette element

More than 90 different widgets for specific design needs organized into palettes for quick reference and easy access

Move any item anywhere

Reposition, reshape, and move items anywhere on your canvas

Customize any element

Change the color, make it bigger, add a label, change the font, and so much more

Select a canvas style

Canvas can be blank white, grid-based, full screen, or in-window.

Draw anything

Drawing pencil allowing you to add robust, specific detail to your creations

Software Development Gallery

With palettes for software architecture, UML diagramming, flow charts, user interface wireframing, and general concepts.

And, if you can't find an element that you're looking for, you can upload your own!

More MockOla Features

Layer visually

Add layers on top of other layers—like adding a scrollbar on a mobile app wireframe—and group and ungroup widgets as needed

Save your files

Save your designs as local files on your browser or download them as PNG or JSON files


Render UIs imported from JSON, persist UI metadata as a JSON object stream, export JSON objects

Dynamically connect items

Add a dynamic line connector between two objects that move with the element no matter where on the canvas it's placed

Import your own images

Upload your own images to customize your design

Use responsive content

Shapes can responsively update by input— like the grid table dynamically generating columns by word count

JSON Import & Export

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that's easy for humans to read & machines to parse. JSON can be used as a map.

MockOla is built with a developer in mind. MockOla can render user interfaces imported from JSON files, persist UI metadata as a JSON object streams, and exportable JSON objects.

Did you know?


You can download your entire MockOla canvas to a JSON file format. Easily import & export.

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Simply navigate to MockOla and start designing. You can save your completed design locally or download as an image or JSON file.

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