Create anything with MockOla

MockOla Features

IT Template Gallery

Predesigned IT templates that can be modified and used for anything from Architecture to Wireframing

Save your files

Save your designs as local files on your browser or download them as PNG or JSON files for easy sharing

Share Diagrams

Diagrams can be downloaded as JSON files and shared. Then uploaded by others for easy collaboration

Dynamically connect items

Add a dynamic line connector between two objects that move with the element no matter where on the canvas it's placed

Layer visually

Add layers on top of other layers—like adding a scrollbar on a mobile app wireframe—and group and ungroup widgets as needed

Use responsive content

Shapes can responsively update by input— like the grid table dynamically generating columns by word count

JSON Import & Export

JSON is a lightweight data-interchange format that's easy for humans to read & machines to parse. JSON make sharing designs & diagrams easy.

MockOla is built with a developer in mind. MockOla can render user interfaces imported from JSON files, persist UI metadata as a JSON object streams, and exportable JSON objects. Making it possible to effortlessly share your designs with your team.