About the creators.


MockOla was developed by the product and innovation arm of Keyhole Software.

KeyholeSoftware.dev is a think tank devoted to creating helpful, innovative software for other developers, both paid and open source.

More specifically, KeyholeSoftware.dev is the product development side of Keyhole Software, a software development consulting firm headquartered in Kansas City.

More Information

Visit the Keyhole Software website for related consulting services. Visit Keyhole Labs for related software, products, and open source tools.

MockOla Roadmap

MockOla traces its beginnings back to a key feature of a software development collaboration tool.

  • MARCH 2020

    KeyholeSoftware.dev releases MockOla v2.0 with significant feature additions including a new user interface, enhanced look and feel, the addition of new palettes and elements, and a function to upload and add photos into designs, all developed with React. 

  • APRIL 2016

    KeyholeSoftware.dev releases MockOla as a standalone offering independent of the GrokOla platform for free, public use.

  • MARCH 2015

    GrokOla adds basic wireframing features for enhanced software documentation.

  • JULY 2014

    Beta version of GrokOla released for software ‘tribal knowledge’ transfer through a unique question & answer workflow.

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Contact the creators at Keyhole for feature requests, enterprise customization, and questions about the MockOla canvas.
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